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Hundreds affected by mistakes in mortgage calculations

Hundreds of homeowners have had their monthly mortgage repayments calculated incorrectly by the largest credit servicing firm in the State.

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Corporation tax volatility will lead to ‘inevitable fall’

The “wind is at our backs” in relation to corporation tax yield but “it cannot continue indefinitely”, the head of the Irish Fiscal Advisory Council has warned.

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Keeping it in the family: how succession planning can protect the business and future generations

As the old saying goes, there are three certainties in life – change, death and taxes. And let’s face it, we don’t get up every morning looking forward to the middle one. Nor are you likely to see advertisements for funerals with special offers, a summer sale or promotions. A funeral is a distress purchase. Read more

Rental home numbers slide as Airbnb hits Dublin market

The number of homes available for rent has steadily dropped, with fewer than 1,000 expected to be available in the capital by the end of the year, property website has warned. Read more

No Brexit impact for Irish savers as 51pc put away extra cash every month

Just over half of Irish people are now regular savers, and almost all of them say that  Read more

Are we in danger of returning to a level of arrogance and complacency to customer service?

In a rising economy, when consumer demand increases, prices go up. In contrast, regrettably,  Read more

Employers will have to reveal gender pay gaps under new legislation

Men and women will soon have the right to know if they are being paid differently based on  Read more

More money and jobs as consumer spending up for 14th month

Consumer spending rose last month, marking 14 successive months of growth as an improving  Read more

How can I keep customers coming through door and off web?

This is something I have been saying for a long time. There is a very strong future role for  Read more

Excellence in customer experiences is the new battleground

In a rising economy, when consumer demand increases, prices go up. In contrast, regrettably,  Read more